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All CLC Members will...

...make every effort to be on time for all meetings, practices, and games.

...be ready to participate 100% in all practices and games.

...be an exceptional person off the field...those players make great teammates!

...show CLASS and exhibit HUMILITY at all times, all the while maintaining a competitive edge and an aggressive attitude on the field.

...make mistakes. Don't dwell on them. Bank them and remember them the next time the situation comes up. Nobody at CLC walks around with their head down!

...set individual goals for yourself and a target date you want to complete them by. Write them down and keep them somewhere you can easily access them.  

...imagine themselves in successful situations. Visualization is proven effective in youth, collegiate, and professional sports. Take what you've learned in practice and visualize yourself executing plays on the field. Before games, run through them in your head. This will help you be more comfortable on the field and reduce any nerves associated with playing.