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  • All of us here at CLC love lacrosse. Whether our staff has played the game their whole lives or never picked up a stick, there is something about the sport that has captivated us and instilled a passion to see it played skillfully and the right way.

  • Just as our coaches will show up every practice and every game, we expect our members to do the same. We will coach, practice, and play with maximum effort, continuously trying to improve ourselves on the field, giving 100% each and every day.

  • Our goal at CLC is to improve the individual player and help them maximize their potential, but games are not won and lost with one player. Our approach is to simultaneously stress to our members the importance of teamwork. No one individual is ever above the team, and we model our program that way.

  • Lacrosse has taken our staff many places, and as we develop our teams and our players' skills, we also stress the importance of good character and sportsmanship. Our members will play the game the right way, with respect for their coaches, teammates, opponents and officials.

  • With the lengthy careers and superb qualifications of our coaches and staff, we will work with those players who are looking to play lacrosse at the collegiate level and help them find the best fit based on their college preferences, playing ability, and academic performance.